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tramcar of rhyme

....we will take it down to memory lane
turn left at Glasgow when I was a wean

Stories brought to life by 
words and photographs in

oot the windae......order the book


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Tramcar of rhyme   The watchie The bike
The flitting The home The wedding
Oot the windae Balls Fire
The coalman The lowland games The drowning
My pal Hugh Aah-leaviooo The Orange Walk
The journey The funeral My first kiss
The candyman   Going messages After school
The ragman   The midden The challenge
The shop My Aunt Cissie Reflections

....so cast away doubts
 and open your mind
and savour the pleasure 
I'm sure you'll find

tramcar of rhyme......go to the shop

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Click here for more PHOTOGRAPHS The author reading from his book 
at the Peoples Palace in Glasgow

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