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Here are 8 excerpts from the many stories in the book
to whet your appetite................
Remember ?

the flitting 
I was in the front holding our cat
we called it Darkie as black as your hat
there was no prejudice or racial abuse
this was the name we called the puss
I wondered if she would like the place
with no rats or mice for her to chase
but there was plenty of other mogs
being chased in turn by the local dogs

oot the windae
When the parish priest made his weekly run
all hell was let loose if you pardon the pun
his very appearance put us all on our toes
and we pray to god he'd go past our close
he'd visit the sick the elderly and the supposed meek
and those who missed mass the previous week
he had a reputation that would never be beat
the most feared man that ever walked in our street
the coalman  
The coal lorry came down the road
blowing profusely from its heavy load
filthy black smoke filled the air
from a leaking engine that didn't care
with one of the coalmen on its back
balancing himself as he folded a sack
his face as black as a lump of coal
totally anonymous and on the dole
my pal hugh 
Our class consisted of both girls and boys
you were told where to sit you had no choice
the teacher sat us together but we didn't mind
in those desks and chairs that dually combined
we had crayons and pencils and a wooden rule
and no shortage of books at our little school
for we had Dick and Dora, Nip and Fluff
and B11 jotters amongst other stuff
the journey 
I caught the tram on the London road
Dalmuir West the destination showed
now London Road was straight and wide
with tenements towering on either side
three storeys high on top of the shops
smoke belching out from chimney tops
they built these flats in rows and rows
with dozens sharing the communal close
the shop
A packet of soap powder came in an Oxydol box
a make believe detergent to wash out your socks
a tin of spaghetti made an earthy food
with a couple of worms to make it look good
there was chocolate and tablet and macaroon bars
and chucky stone sweeties in old jeely jars
sauce bottles with water straight from the sink
mixed with licorice made a sugarolli drink
the watchie
The steamroller would follow them up
puffing and panting putt putt putt
this massive machine showed amazing grace
as it trundled slowly at walking pace
levelling completely every bump and crack
with a one front wheel and two at the back
I now understand why enthusiasts dream
this giant workhorse running on steam

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the home
My father as I see it had a difficult choice
stay in employment or look after his boys
we couldn't afford another job to be lost
and he had to keep it no matter the cost
there was no such things as creches or nannies
their parents were dead so we had no grannies
they said I was to young to look after the others
so it was off to a home for me and my brothers

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