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Oot the Windae

'Oot the Windae'
I loved the words, the photos too, 
and the glimpse of the Glasgow that I once knew!
The memories returned of shoogling oan trams, 
and getting jeelie pieces thrown doon fae ma mam.
of playing at shoap with dirt in tin cans, 
going hame after that wi' dirty wee hands!
Jean Miller, Ohio, USA
It's a fantastic book. Took me right back to my boyhood. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
David Lambie, England
Smashing book couldn't put it down until I had finished it, brought back a lot of good memories.
Nancy Cowie, Toronto, Canada
As a mother with two boys, the oldest being five, you have no idea how the subliminal mind works until you realise just how important certain words can touch your heart in different ways and meanings.
So often I cherish these years with them in their childhood, more so when I realise it only seems like yesterday I was their age.

Catherine, Canada
Davy, have to tell you that the copy of OTW we sent to my daughter, Suzy, in Georgia for her birthday last year never leaves her bedside table. She tells me she dips into it and relives her Mom's childhood. I wish you continued success in your writings.
Catherine Antonio, Connecticut, USA
I have spent a couple o' hours reading, and thocht A wis back hame. A could feel every wurd and was in every verse 
John Allan, Melbourne, Australia
Loved reading the stories of the tenements, took me back so many many years when life was simple and neighbours cared for one another
Jean Smillie, Glasgow now Australia

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 The hardback edition of OTW

This is a quality hand bound hardback edition of Oot the Windae which contains most of your old favourite stories and many more, plus dozens of "new" photographs of the period to accompany the stories. 

This is a limited edition book and is only available through this website on a first come first served basis and costs
19.99 + P&P.
(July 2009)

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           hardback dust cover

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 For a signed, dedicated copy from the author

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3 Overseas: Send a UK cheque or Money order for 29.99 (includes p&p)

To  David Reilly, (oot the windae),
15 Pells Close,
LE8 8TJ,
England, UK.

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